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Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter
Moisture Meter

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Moisture Meter
The Protimeter Moisture Measurement System (MMS) is a powerful and versatile instrument for measuring and diagnosing dampness in buildings.

The Protimeter Moisture Measurement System (MMS) is a new product for measuring moisture conditions in buildings to aid understanding of how and why damp conditions may prevail.

It combines moisture meter and hygrometer functionality in one state-of-the-art instrument for a complete moisture surveying capability.

The Protimeter MMS combines pin type and non-invasive modes of measurement together with a hygrometer in one state-of-the-art instrument.

Search mode
By selecting Search mode and holding the instrument against building elements such as walls, the user obtains a qualitative indication of the moisture level beneath the surface.

Measure mode
By selecting Measure mode and pushing two needle electrodes into the surface of the wood or masonry under investigation, the user can obtain, respectively, the actual moisture content or the material’s wood moisture equivalent (WME) value.

Humidity mode
The Protimeter MMS can be used as a hygrometer to measure relative humidity, ambient temperature and dew point. In this way the moisture condition of domestic and commercial environments can be assessed and compared.

The Hygrostick sensor that is supplied with the instrument can also be embedded in solid floors and walls to obtain a material’s equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) value.


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