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Numatic Vacuum Cleaner

Numatic Vacuum Cleaner
Numatic Vacuum Cleaner

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Numatic Vacuum Cleaner
The NRV200A1 does not have the name Henry on his hat but he has all the power of Henry + extra features at the same price. The additional features are:
  • An even longer cable. At 12.5m long (compared to Henry's 10m) you get an amazing cleaning range of 31.8m!
  • A bigger & more stable drum. The whole bottom of the machine is higher & wider giving greater capacity & more stability. See how the rear wheels are set back, making him even harder to knock over!


    The features that are the same are:

  • High Powered Twin Flo 1200w Motor
  • A cable that rewinds into the top of the machine for easy storage
  • A switch for hi/lo suction in case you need to vacuum more quietly or for vacuuming more delicate items such as curtains. Using the low setting also reduces the electrical consumption making this vacuum even cheaper to use!
  • Stainless steel tubes built to withstand regular & prolonged use.
  • Extra long 2.4m hose with super long cuff on the end.
  • An extra wide floor tool that can be used with the brush up (for carpets) or down (for hard floors)
  • Super high filtration with Tritex filter
  • Full compliment of small tools for dusting, vacuuming upholstery or cleaning out the car.
  • Onboard storage for 1 small tool

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