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Ambient Hire

Enviromax 10 Climate Control Unit

Enviromax 10 Climate Control Unit
Enviromax 10 Climate Control Unit

Duration of Hire:

Enviromax 10 Climate Control Unit
Hire price £290/week   Purchase price £6420.00        34000 BTU Climate Control Unit suitable for areas up to 200 m3. This unit can cool or heat whilst dehumidifying at the same time.

10kw heating capacity, 10kw A/C capacity 180l per day dehumidification. Can be placed inside or outside of area to be effected, ducting in or out. Supplied with remote temperature control

Power         Electric 240v
Make  and Model         Enviromax 10
Size (H x W x D)           147 x 108 x 74
Dry Weight                    175kg
Installation Req.           Yes
Ventilation Req.            Yes, exhaust, or no if placed outside pumping cool air in.
Capacity                         34,000 BTU

Enviromax 10HP - Higher Performance

The Enviromax 10HP was specifically designed as a modular heat pump. This one unit offers a solution for all seasons whether it is cooling, heating or dehumidification. Ideally suited for the rental industry and end user applications. The latest model includes an electronically controlled evaporator motor (ECM) offering soft start, low and high fan speeds.


Key Features

  • 10kW Cooling
  • 10kW Heating
  • Reliability
  • Free blowing, maximum 10m
  • Ducted application*, maximum 20m
  • High/low speed evaporator fan motor
  • Pumped condensate removal
  • Fast deployment
  • Easy handling, fork truck pockets, lockable castors and
    standard doorway access
  • User friendly integral thermostat control or optional 24V
    remote thermostat control
  • 240V Single phase 50Hz, 16 Amp power inlet
  • Ambient range 10°C to 48°C
  • R410A refrigerant
  • CE certified


  • Height: 1465mm
  • Length: 1030mm
  • Width: 750mm
  • Weight: 208Kgs
  • Handling: Fork pockets and heavy duty swivel castors
  • Sound Level: 61dba @ 5 metres
  • Supply Air Flow: 2,249 Cubic m/hour @25PA
  • Supply Air: Free blow or optional plenum with 2 x 300mm
    diameter duct apertures, maximum duct length
  • Return Air: Standard filter grille or optional plenum with 1 x
    600mm diameter duct aperture, maximum duct
    length 5m
  • Condenser Air: Standard grille back panel or optional plenum with
    2 x 300mm diameter duct apertures maximum
    duct length 5m

Note* Ducted applications will require the use of a plenum(s) for final connection to the Enviromax unit, see accessories listing for plenum and flexible ducting options.

Markets Served

The Enviromax units are fast becoming a market leading brand due to their unique design and operational parameters.These units are widely used across the world for rental, events, hospitality, disaster recovery, military, secondary cooling/heating and dehumidification.

Specialist Application

In addition to our standard range we are able to offer bespoke solutions for offshore applications where the units are open to the elements and require full coastal protection. Alternative voltage options available.


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